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  1. I’m in tears, my daughter who has a bad heart condition and is in a wheelchair has just been turned down by PIP so I know how much this happens. That poor woman, our country is being run by truly evil people and every day it is getting worse. The ‘haves’ protect themselves and don’t give a monkeys for anyone else and still people vote for them!

  2. Awful to be ashamed to be British – criticised by the U.N. for our treatment of people with disabilities, with good reason, but with a govt. who doesn’t care. How can they do this? They are all to blame – they must know what is happening to so many people, and are purposely ignoring it. HEAR THAT TORIES – YOU ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE!

    1. Helen, you said ” … criticised by the UN … ” But not just ‘criticism’, FOUR reports – more like ‘condemned’ after four years of detailed investigation. The rest of Europe must marvel at the callousness of the govt elites when they consider that the ordinary people of the UK have a reputation as being very charitable and generous folks.

    1. But it isn’t managed by medication if you can’t get an appointment. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and a neurological disorder, and I have waited since seizures in November last year for an NHS appointment at St. George’s (still not received). I work full-time, I want to keep working, I won RHS gold and a Women in Business award, BUT it’s a hellish struggle and I meet very disabled people who cannot realistically do a day’s work but can’t see a doctor and don’t get PIP. My life feels like a struggle, but I have no idea how some of these people who are worse off than me can possibly get by. I’m working with a tremor, speech impediment, extreme joint pain (rupturing Baker’s cysts in my knees) and cognitive difficulties, and I am determined to keep going, but many are far worse and I just don’t see how we can expect them to hold down a job. 🙁

  3. Except an appeals process can take many months and trust me when I tell you, the DWP will do everything they can to further delay the process.

    1. ” … appeals process can take many months …” many have to wait a year or more.
      And because PIP and ESA awards times have been shortened to maybe a year or 18 months max, as soon as you win the appeal another brown envelope plops through the letterbox, and – Hey! You have another assessment. (More time is spent on re-assessments than first appraisals now.) Guess how many points you get? Why, exactly the same as last time. Why would you expect anything different? And so the deadly merry-go-round starts again.
      Premeditated Corporate Manslaughter – no Nuremberg-style cop-outs of ” I was only following orders.” Employees – you have a concious choice and obligation to report the abuse of targets and management bullying. We will not forgive, we will not forget. Your just desserts await you.

  4. This is DISGUSTING. I know at least 5 people who are perfectly capable of work who actively and knowingly abuse their disability allowance and yet we let someone like this slip through the cracks?

  5. Gonna sound f*cked, but if I was her I’d commit a crime and ask the judge to put me in jail. She will get a warm bed, food, etc.

  6. The powers that be were hoping this poor woman would either freeze to death or die of some mystery illness…..they definitely want disabled people to curl up and DIE ALREADY and not help them.

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